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Tai Yuan Institute of China Coal Technology and Engineering Group (Shanxi Tiandi Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.) was established in 1964 and transformed to a scientific and technological enterprise under direct administration of the Central Government. It is mainly engaged in the research and development of coal mining, road heading, convey and transport and timbering technologies and equipment and is one of coal mining facilities suppliers and service providers with most complete professional configuration. China Coal Technology and Engineering Group, the parent company of the institute, is the sole comprehensive scientific research and design unit in domestic coal industry and its business covers the whole coal industrial chain, including coal mine design, mine construction, mining techniques, mining facilities, washing process and facilities, safety technology instrument and equipment and coal clean utilization.

Tai Yuan Institute of China Coal Technology and Engineering Group has a pool of 1,603 employees, including 47 researchers and professor senior engineers, 110 employees with senior title and 30 experts who are winners of special government allowances, among which there are several known experts and academic leaders in domestic coal industry. The Institute is the unit that has undertaken the project of “National engineering lab of coal mine mining facilities” and has established National Center of Mine Heading Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection, National Mine Scraper Conveyor Machinery Standard Committee, National Mine Heading Machinery Standard Committee, Shortwall Mechanical Mining Professional Committee under China Coal Society and Shanxi Provincial Coal Mining Machinery Technology Development Center. Up to now, the Institute has over 600 national and provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, among which there are 468 scientific research achievements have met national or international advanced level, 192 achievements awarded by national and provincial departments and 211 achievements approved to be patented.

In the course of over 40 years of trials and hardship, Shanxi Tiandi Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Has gained satisfactory achievements in six major professional fields, namely coal and mixed coal rock roadway heading technology and facilities, trackless auxiliary transport key technology and facilities, shortwall mechanical mining technology and facilities, hydraulic support and hydraulic element technology and facilities, scraper conveyor machinery and related elements technology and facilities, coal mine electric technology and facilities and developed five core industries, namely coal and mixed coal rock roadway header, trackless rubber tired auxiliary transport vehicle, shortwall mechanical packaged equipment, fully mechanized mining technology and facilities and Shendong imported equipment localization and equipment overhaul. Depending on the powerful scientific and technological strength of Tiandi Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Tai Yuan Institute provides packaged technology and equipment for coal mine fully mechanized mining and fully mechanized heading for customers at home and abroad and also has individual design service as per customers’ requirements.

Shanxi Tiandi Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. always sticks to the persistent goal of providing our customers with “superior technology, product and service and will be your reliable partner for ever.”